• Skyline complete….
The southern tip of Manhattan, New York City, 2014….
                    ….from an uptown perspective….
                                        ….skyline complete once again.
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  • On Patrol….
They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters, these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep.
                                                                   — The Bible, Psalms 107:23-24
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»Photo: Ken Waste
  • Conqueror….
                            Bow yearning for sea
                                      Oceans fury conquering
                                                 Safe harbors ahead
                                                               — Nicholas* Sabalos, Jr. (1954~)
                                      *          *          *          *
*My given name, Nicholas, is loosely translated from the Greek as “victory of the people” or “conqueror.” I’m so proud to carry this name….the same as my Father’s….and our shared Naval and seafaring heritage.
  • Sublime Colorfall….
A waterfall in Northern California is turned into a rainbow by two creative photographers….who dropped colorful, high-powered, eco-friendly Cyalume glow sticks into the waters above and photographed the falls with a long exposure.
An exquisite colorfall is the stunning result!
                                              Pure sublimity!
»Photo: Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard/From the Lenz
  • Dread Naught!
United States Navy battleship, USS Tennessee (BB 43) underway in Puget Sound, WA in May 1943….following her repair, reconfiguration, modernization and rebuilding after suffering extensive damage during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.
USS Tennesse was one of eight American battleships sunk or damaged during the surprise attack from the air. Two, USS Arizona (BB 39) and USS Oklahoma (BB 37), were completely destroyed….with huge loss of life. The other six battleships were eventually repaired and went on to fight in the war.
USS Tennessee emerged bigger, better and more fearsome than ever….and served with honor and distinction throughout the rest of World War II and beyond….until she was retired in 1947. The huge ship was scrapped in 1959.
                                     Dread Naught = NO Fear!
                                         *          *          *          *
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»U.S. Navy photo
  • Catnap….
                                A purrrfect day it is today                                 For a catnap                                 A sonorous languid noon                                 Summer under a hat
                                Stretched snug in the garden                                 Beneath the tree                                 With dancing butterflies                                 The birds and the bees
                                The warmth of the Sun                                 Wrapped around fingers                                 On drowsy toes                                 Sleep lingers
                                The song of wind chimes                                 A medley in the breeze                                 The red gulmohar brushing                                 With rustling leaves 
                                The scent of red roses                                  White jasmine                                 Adrift in the air                                  Fragrance within
                                White satin clouds                                 In  blue skies                                 The wings of an eagle                                 Caught in the eyes
                                A lull….a lullaby                                 The heart at ease                                 Thoughts fade                                 The mind at peace
                                In the folds of early noon                                 Eyelids close                                 Far from the humdrum                                 A purrrfect doze
                                                              — Nishu Mathur (India)
  • Downward spiral….
This staircase at the ornate Eisenhower Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House, in Washington, DC….somehow reminds me of the state of America’s government of late.
With a lot of luck….the will of the American people….and a vast improvement in administrative and legislative leadership and cooperation….perhaps America can get back to the top of the stairs again someday.
»Photo: Brian R. Fitzgerald
  • Giant steps….
It’s hard to believe 45 years have passed since America first landed men on the Moon….July 20, 1969.
When I watched, enraptured, as a 15-year-old boy on that auspicious day 45 years ago today….I thought, for sure, man would have gone on to Mars and beyond by the time I reached the age of 60 in 2014.
Alas, that hasn’t happened for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, aside from practical realities like funding, politics, and engineering….it will, once again, take the sheer will of the people to make further space travel a reality.
I can only hope I live long enough to see it happen. I thought for sure, 45 years ago today, that I would!
                                         *          *          *          *
»Photo: American astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon….July 20, 1969. He was the second man to step onto the Moon, after Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong had become the first just a few minutes before.
  • The Lone Freighter….
Awaiting the loading of its cargo in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a grain bulk carrier sits silently on the Indian Ocean, watching the sunset.
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»Photo: “The Lone Freighter” by Anindo Dey
»Note: I last visited Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1983 with the U.S. Navy, shortly before a costly and vicious Civil War broke out there, laying waste to much of this beautiful country once know as Ceylon. Today, peace again prevails….forward progress is abundant….and I so look forward to returning….