• September Song….
                                 Oh, it’s a long long while                                 From May to December                                 But the days grow short                                 When you reach September
                                 When the autumn weather                                 Turns leaves to flame                                 One hasn’t got time                                 For the waiting game
                                 Oh, the days dwindle down                                 To a precious few                                 September, November
                                 And these few precious days                                 I’ll spend with you                                 These precious days                                 I’ll spend with you
                                 Oh, the days dwindle down                                 To a precious few                                 September, November
                                 And these few precious days                                 I’ll spend with you                                 These precious days                                 I’ll spend with you                                 These precious days                                 I’ll spend with you
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Willie Nelson nails it! Enjoy the sentiment….

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»Photo by tainochief….taken near Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. For more about his mysterious screen name and the Taíno people of the Caribbean…CLICK HERE.
  • A walk on the beach….
Wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day holiday (as observed in the United States and Canada) on this final (symbolic) day of Summer 2014.
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»CLICK the pic for a close-up of this adorable beagle pup….
»With a little luck, perhaps someday an intrepid beagle, like the one above, will grow-up to adopt me….and take me for long walks along the beach….in the Summer sunshine….in the Winter of my life….
  • Naval sunset….
A spectacular view of the sunset from aboard a United States Navy Ohio-class submarine (SSGN).
Some of my favorite times in the United States Navy were while standing watch on the bridge of my ship at sunrise or sunset. Always an inspiring passage as our floating world transitioned from dark to light, or light to dark….
  • Starting young….and otherwise….
The joys, challenges and satisfactions of photography have captured the interest — and hearts — of countless millions over the past century.
Now, with the proliferation of digital cameras in a wide variety of devices, forms and price points, photography enthusiasts seem to be everywhere….and at every age.
Witness the very young man above….and the awareness and learning of the world around him that comes from his new-found hobby.
And, on the other end of the life spectrum….I offer myself….discovering the joys of photography only in recent years, post-retirement, via my awesome smartphone and tablet!
»Photo: Mohamed Muha (Maldives)
  • Day’s diamond ending….
The setting sun at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California.
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»CLICK the photo twice (once each screen) for a high-resolution version….
»Photo: Senthil Balakrishnan
  • Dear Dad,
Ten years ago today forces of nature took you from us, your loving family. And each and every day since, we’ve missed you with a prevailing grief that never fades.
But I have learned over the past decade that, even though you have physically departed from us, your spirit remains….strong and true. You live on in our hearts, minds and souls….with a powerful force like life itself.
I find myself asking “What would Dad do?” at almost any important juncture or decision. You continue to guide me each and every day….just as you did for the first 50 years of my life….and you were here.
I still think of you the instant I smell freshly-brewed coffee in the early morning. Every time! I so vividly remember wakening briefly in the early mornings, when I was living at home or visiting, and smelling the coffee you were brewing well before dawn each day. And I knew you were up….and all was well with the world….and blissful sleep would return.
As I promised you, I have done my level best to look after your beautiful bride, my awesome Mom….and love and protect her in every way I can. My abiding wish is for her to thrive….even in your absence.
I endeavor to live the later decades of my life with the same grace, intelligence, sense of humor, patience and dignity with which you lived yours. If I can do it half as well as you, I will consider it a life well-lived.
With deepest respect and admiration always….
Your Loving Son,
  • All American….
Gorgeous vintage (1923) poster advertising United States Lines’ SS Leviathan beginning her trans-Atlantic service.
Leviathan was an American symbol of power and prestige for the post-World War I nascent Nation. She was exceedingly popular among loyal travelers….and served as the flagship for United States Lines throughout much of the Roaring Twenties.
Oh, to have journeyed aboard such grandeur….accompanied by such national pride!
»Photo: via Paul Malon
  • Drag Race!
Two Hungarian locomotives appear to eyeball each other as they stand poised for a railroad drag race….
»CLICK the photo for a trackside view….
»Photo: Krisztian Birinyi
  • Golden Gate….
Just in case anyone had any misconceptions about why the Golden Gate Bridge is named “Golden”….just take a look!
»CLICK the photo for a golden high-resolution version….
»Photo: T. Malachi Dunworth «CLICK for more of his stunning portfolio….